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Brand PH has grown over several years by expanding its range of products and services. We currently offer a wide range of herbal cosmetics and herbal consulting based on the principles of of Chinese medicineHerbal cosmetics is based on carefully selected natural ingredients mixed in a ratio that provides the best basis for herbal extracts and aromatherapy oils. Our cosmetics is manufactured in accordance with traditional, proven and safe herbal processing in cosmetics.

PH cosmetics do not contain any parabens, silicones, sulphates or other harmful substances found in other, would-be natural products. Each product is supplemented with aromatherapy essential oils, that increase the efficiency of our products. . These essential oils are combined according to aromatherapy principles to enhance the effects of herbal substances in PH cosmetics. Thanks to these three values (high-quality raw materials, herbs, aromatherapy) high efficiency and safety of our products is also ensured for children.

Patrik Hamšík


„Only if we activate our inner engine that drives us forward, we achieve harmony and life success.“

The seventh grade was crucial for me. From diffident child I turned into a person who loves, cares about himself and is interested in life. I decided I want to have a positive influence on the world around me. I began to explore the strength of herbs and nature, experimented with ointments and cosmetics. Thanks to this, I was able to create a PH Group project with Dalibor and do something that we love and what is beneficial to others.

Dalibor Chytil


„All the problems are solvable and I believe that you feel it all inside. The only question is whether you really want to find the way to find this solution or you are too comfortable with it.“

Mom never gave me antibiotics, for which I am grateful for my heart. In case of any difficulty, the herbalist Evžen Brhel treated me. Today I help people with their health problems. I can create a special diet for you and recommend you the remedies that will relieve you. I oversee that all ointments are made according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. I emphasize the individuality of the individual and his current state of health.

Our story

When a person has a headache, it takes the ibalgine. Sore throat? Strepsils. Stuffy nose? Drops.

Swallows one chemical after another that dampen the pain and induce a feeling that everything is all right. Such behavior is dangerous in the long run …
Our parents thought similarly: instead of thinking about the cause, they would rather dampen the consequences. That’s what almost cost my father his life. He was saved by high doses of vitamins and herbs.

Thanks to this experience, I plunged into the study of herbs, traditional Chinese medicine and nutritional counseling. Patrik was interested in the principles of herbal ointments, massages and aromatherapy.

Together, we started experimenting with herbal ointments. After years, we have come to an perfect combination of vegetable oils, herbs and aromatherapy. Each component has its irreplaceable place in the final product. Because we see the positive effects of our products, we do not keep them just for ourselves, but we try to offer them to the whole world.

Our products are not the cheapest – because they are handmade and contain high quality ingredients. We refuse to use cheaper chemical alternatives, which would not only affect the quality but also the positive effects of our ointments. The cheapest is seldom equal to the best.

Patrik takes care of recipe and massage, I specialize in herbal counseling. I use the principles of Chinese medicine, Czech herbalism and dietetics according to Chinese medicine.

We combine traditional Chinese medicine with local herbs and create health-friendly cosmetics that you can enjoy daily and keep it in good shape. We use exclusively quality raw materials to produce our products. We are in control of maintaining their curative effect and are suitable for all skin types. The aroma is chosen so that the products can also be used for aromatherapy.

Do not try to deal with the consequences. Fight with the cause.


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