High Quality raw materials


Aromatherapeutic oils

Brand PH has grown over several years by expanding its range of products and services. We currently offer a wide range of herbal cosmetics and herbal consulting based on the principles of of Chinese medicineHerbal cosmetics is based on carefully selected natural ingredients mixed in a ratio that provides the best basis for herbal extracts and aromatherapy oils. Our cosmetics is manufactured in accordance with traditional, proven and safe herbal processing in cosmetics.

PH cosmetics do not contain any parabens, silicones, sulphates or other harmful substances found in other, would-be natural products. Each product is supplemented with aromatherapy essential oils, that increase the efficiency of our products. . These essential oils are combined according to aromatherapy principles to enhance the effects of herbal substances in PH cosmetics. Thanks to these three values (high-quality raw materials, herbs, aromatherapy) high efficiency and safety of our products is also ensured for children.